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I am a Landscape and Architectural photographer. A hobby which started many years ago and became a passion. For me, photography became a tool to capture the moment in time and show it to the world. I love to travel and capture the beautiful world we live in. Just like many other, I started with film and moved on to digital photography.

I am also obsessed with gear. I strongly believe that it’s the eye behind the lens, not just the camera, but I also believe that better tools do help to make a better image in many ways, if not all. I use different medium format systems for my landscape and architectural work, which mainly helps me to print larger images with phenomenal details. I love playing with light and long exposures. Capturing seascapes and waterfalls with beautiful sunrise/sunset colors is so intriguing. For me, that is where the nature is at it’s best.

So, let’s start the journey and explore …..

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